fountains – easy to take along



The fountainslite collection convinces with its intelligent concept: Lightweight complete fountains that can be easily transported in their take-away package. 


ESTERAS garden fountains: bubbling relaxation

ESTERAS garden fountains: bubbling relaxation

ESTERAS garden fountains transform your garden into a feel-good oasis. The calming ripples of the water are pure relaxation and make a real eye-catching addition to any terrace. They also complement the ESTERAS planters beautifully. 

Ready to use
Assemble, fill with water and connect to the power – fountainsLite fountains are incredibly easy to use. Made from a fibreglass and mineral composite, they’re up to 70% lighter than natural stone fountains. The integrated pump and warm-white LED lighting also create a wonderful water display. ESTERAS garden fountains come in various sizes with authentic-looking finishes. 

Water fun for every environment
Whether as terrace fountains or for decoration in the garden, the fountainsLIte fountains match any setting and create a wonderful atmosphere. They perfectly complement garden furniture and other outdoor accessories with the variety of natural colours available.

Product care
ESTERAS fountains should be placed on a flat, water-resistant surface. The water needs to be topped up regularly to ensure the pump is always fully immersed in the water and can function properly. The pump may get damaged if the water level is too low. How often a fountain has to be refilled depends on the water supply and the weather conditions. Clean with mild detergent and a soft brush. It is also a good idea to use an algae treatment product from the outset.