Brunnen aus Fiberglas Comallo

Comallo Fountains

  • Fine-stone surface
  • Up to 70% lighter than natural stone
  • Ready for use, no water supply necessary
  • Incl. pump and warm-white LEDs
  • Weather/UV-resistant


W x D x H in cm KG  
48 x 40 x 40 12
Warm white Led Fibreglass/Mineral composite material Up to 70 % lighter than natural stone Weather and uv resistant Handmade

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ESTERAS garden fountains with atmospheric lighting

ESTERAS garden fountains with atmospheric lighting

Relaxing in your own garden and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee – it’s the perfect way to end your daily routine. Decorative planters and garden fountains make this moment extra special. The soothing ripples of the water are pure relaxation, increasing your sense of well-being.  

Feel-good oasis made easy!
The ESTERAS garden fountains are made from a a fibreglass and mineral composite. The lightweight plastic material looks like real stone with its authentic finishes. The fountains are assembled and ready for use within just a few minutes. The integrated pump also creates a wonderful water display, while the warm-white LED lighting emits a cosy glow. 

Pleasant LED lighting
All the lighting used for the ESTERAS garden fountains features energy-saving LED technology. Not only does this use less energy; it also boasts a longer life. No harmful substances are used either, so this lighting is more environmentally friendly than energy-saving lamps, which contain mercury. LEDs won’t get hot and illuminate fully as soon as they are powered up. 

A variety of colours and shapes
Whether you go for black, grey or granite, the ESTERAS garden fountains have something for everyone with their different colours. The smooth finishes of the smartLine fountains are timeless classics and add a touch of luxury, while the natureLite collection impresses with its distinctive natural-looking finishes. ESTERAS garden fountains come in various shapes and sizes. They complement any setting perfectly and make a truly eye-catching addition to the terrace or balcony.