Blumenkübel aus Fiberglas Heerle

Heerle Planters


Ø x H in cm Litre  
87 x 67 285 XXL!
67 x 51 130 XXL
49 x 39 55
36 x 28 20
25 x 20 7
Fibreglass/Mineral composite material Up to 70 % lighter than natural stone Weather and uv resistant Extremely robust and frost resistant Includes drainage hole Handmade 10-year guarantee

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ESTERAS XXL planters – incredibly versatile

ESTERAS XXL planters – incredibly versatile

Whether they’re used as a room divider, for decoration or as a privacy screen, the XXL planters by ESTERAS are an extremely versatile design element for indoor and outdoor spaces thanks to their impressive dimensions and shapes. The timeless shades of lead and black work well in any setting and look extremely elegant.  

XXL flower pots for XXL plants
Large plants and trees also thrive in planters – they don’t always need large green spaces to grow. Make sure you choose solid, stable planters that are big enough for the purpose. Plants will grow well in plastic or clay planters, provided they get the right amount of water. The ESTERAS XXL flower pots are hand crafted from a fibreglass and mineral composite. This lightweight plastic material is UV-resistant and weatherproof. It’s even frost-resistant if given the right care.

Indoor and outdoor product care:
A good way to clean the large planters is with water and a soft brush. Chemical or mechanical cleaning products such as bleach or high-pressure cleaners should be avoided as they can alter or even damage the surface. Large planters in earthy hues, grey or elegant anthracite also help to create a wonderful ambience indoors. ESTERAS planters come with a drainage hole, so the floor or tabletop should be protected from excess water with waterproof inserts or trays – particularly if you’re using the planters indoors. Felt trays also help to prevent scratching on delicate surfaces.